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How to add an offer?

1.        Create an account

- Fill out the form as a private person or company
- Remember your login and password

Remember to mark  a window for reviewing the regulations and consent to the processing of personal data
2.       After correct filling in the data there will be information that your account was properly created.
Expect an e-mail confirming the activation.
After receiving an e-mail activate your account by clicking on the link.

If the mailbox is configured to read text, you need to copy the link and paste it as a web address and then press ENTER.

The account is created and activated.

3.       After logging in you gain access to your account.
Account consists of :
- My account - your data that you can always edit
- My offers - you can post offers
- Payment history - Not available

4.       In the My Offers, select "Add New" and confirm by pressing the "Execute".
Now you can post any number of offers.

Adding offers is free. For advertisers we translate up to 20 of their offers.


After logging in your account you can easily manage your data and offers.
My data - at this point, you can edit / update the personal data given at registration
My advertisment- at this point you can edit / add / delete offers.

To add a new offer  from the drop-down list select “add new” and click "execute"
Pencil icon - allows you to edit the offer – e.g. improve
Eye icon - allows you to preview the offer on the page
Banknote icon - Not available
Red cross - removes the offer

On the business card you can put your company data and add it to the professional category.
Business card will be placed on the home page under "Companies"

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